Scholastic Book Fair - Monday 26th February to Friday 1st March 2024

World Book Day is approaching and will be taking place on Thursday 7th March 2024.

This is a day to celebrate and raise awareness about the importance of reading, create love for reading and bring out students' inner readers. As part of this, we will be hosting a Scholastic Book Fair. The book fair will take place from Monday 26th February to Friday 1st March 2024. There will be a range of books that will be available for students to buy.

Books will start from £3, and maximum price for the books will be £10. Students will also be provided with a £1 book voucher that they can use to pay towards a book. This will deduct £1 off the original price of the book. The book fair will take place next week during the morning, lunchtime and after school.

If your child would like to buy a book, they can bring in cash to do this or there is a form available for your child to take home. They must fill in the details of the book they would like and you are able to pay online. Once the payment has been made, we will provide your child with the book they have bought.

Scholastic Book Fair Poster

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Measles (MMR) Vaccine Reminder

There is an increasing number of people with measles in Birmingham. Most of these are young children who have not had their MMR (measles) vaccine.

Measles is a highly infectious disease, which can be very serious. Two doses of the MMR vaccine is the best protection against measles. Over 80% of Birmingham children and adults have had the MMR vaccine. We need everyone protected.

The MMR vaccine is safe for every faith. There is a type of MMR vaccine that does not contain pork gelatine, so it can be used for people who do not touch any pork products. This vaccine is available at every GP practice, and it is free.

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September School Return

Please read the information below regarding the return to school in September 2023:

4th Sept 2023 - Teacher Training Day5th Sept 2023 - Teacher Training Day
6th Sept 2023 - Students Return to School

Welcome To Prince Albert High School: A Q&A with the Current Year 7 Students

Click the link below to view the Q&A from our current year 7 students.

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CEO Sajid Gulzar to move on from Prince Albert Community Trust

It is with mixed emotions that we announce the departure of Sajid Gulzar from his position as CEO of Prince Albert Community Trust. After more than 26 years of serving children across Birmingham and 14 dedicated years of service at PACT Sajid has decided to take on an exciting new role in Dubai with Kings’ Education.

Resource Base Consultation

Consultation on Proposal to add an Autistic Spectrum Disorder Specialist Resource Base at Prince Albert High School from 1st September 2023

Our Proposal 

Prince Albert Community Trust would like to hear your views on our proposal for Prince Albert High School, 115 Holford Drive, Perry Barr, Birmingham, B42 2TU, to add a 40 place Autistic Specialist Resource Base from 1st September 2023.

We appreciate that young people with autism can struggle to engage with learning and cope in a classroom without additional strategies and interventions. A Resource Base will support the young people to overcome their barriers to learning, be better able to cope and to be re-integrated into a mainstream setting in which they can achieve their potential. 

Safer Internet Day 2023




We've just signed up to the #SaferInternetDay supporters list! What are you doing for the day? Find out more by visiting

PA High student announced as Barclays Game Changer

We are thrilled to announce that a student at PA High has been selected to become a Barclays Game Changer. The Barclays Game Changer scheme aims to recruit young female footballers who can help to influence and engage others to play football in their schools and local community. Rumaysa was chosen by King Edwards VI Partnership Develop Manager, Helen Tonks for her love of football and passion for inspiring and involving others to play.

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