The official supplier for our school uniform is Schoolwear Solutions.  

Visit https://www.schoolwearsolutions.com/product-category/our-schools/prince-albert-high-school/ to purchase uniform.


The School uniform and dress code

All students attending Prince Albert high School will be expected to wear their school uniform including when travelling to and from school.

The uniform is as follows:

  • School regulation grey blazer, with official school badge (compulsory)
  • School regulation Tie- 7 stripes must be visible (compulsory)
  • Jumper- School regulation grey V-neck, with official school badge (non-compulsory)
  • Skirt- Plain black, unpleated skirt (no other skirt style is permitted)
  • Trousers- Plain black straight leg trousers (no skinny fit trousers/cargo style are permitted)
  • Shirt – formal white, long or short sleeves with stiff collar
  • Headscarf (for religious reasons) – plain black only with no lace or adornment
  • Shoes – plain black lace-up or slip-on shoes in a formal style. Please note that boots, fabric/pump style shoes or trainers are not permitted.
  • School regulation backpack, with official school badge (compulsory)
  • Coat – Coats are not to be worn in or around school during the working day (non-compulsory)
  • Hat – Summer hat: Students may wear suitable hats for protection from the sun in the summer months to and from school and when outside of the building during break times. These may be agreed with the student’s Head of Year. Winter hat: plain winter hat. Baseball caps are not permitted in any circumstances 


P.E Kit

All students attending Prince Albert High School will be expected to bring their P.E kit into school on the days they have P.E. Students will be expected to change into their P.E kit for the P.E lesson/activity and then back into their school uniform afterwards.

The P.E kit is as follows:

  • School regulation black polo shirt (unisex or girls fit) with official school badge (compulsory).
  • School regulation unisex black hoodie with official school badge (compulsory)
  • One or more of the following as required, purchased through Schoolwear solutions
    1. School regulation black shorts, with official school badge
    2. School regulation black skort, with official school badge
    3. School regulation black leggings, with official school lettering
    4. School regulation black tracksuit bottoms with official school badge
  • Black long sports socks (compulsory) purchased through Schoolwear solutions
  • Short White sports socks (compulsory) can be purchased elsewhere
  • Appropriate outdoor trainers with ankle supports/football boots (not plimsolls or high top trainers) with non-marking soles
  • Other - Black 'skin tops', woolley hat, gloves (where this is appropriate for the activity) can be worn in colder weather.
  • Sports specific items- A mouth guard is optional but recommended for sports such as hockey and rugby. Shinpads will be required for sports such as football. Students will be informed by their respective P.E teachers the requirements for the curriculum.