Meet our Team

Viv Smith - Deputy Headteacher

I have worked in inner city primary schools within Birmingham for over twenty years and still get excited by being part of a team delivering great teaching and learning to the pupils we serve. I have had the privilege to teach and lead teams across the whole primary phase and love the challenges that all the different year groups present. I have a wealth of experience as a senior leader having proven success as AHT, DHT and acting HOS both in PACT schools and other schools within Birmingham.

My passion throughout has been developing all things ‘Literacy’ and especially supporting teachers to develop their understanding and delivery of reading and writing. This specialist work has enabled me to lead both local and national projects in a range of schools impacting on both pupil attainment and staff subject knowledge.

It is so exciting to be part of a team involved with setting up a brand-new school. This unique opportunity allows us to fuse together the best that primary and secondary education has to offer. I can’t wait to see how the learning develops on from Year 6 but more importantly to see how our school with its curriculum, ethos and values will enable students to thrive and become successful individuals.
Our motto ‘In Pursuit of Excellence’ resonates highly with me as I strive for excellence in all that I do and aim to model this to our whole school community.
I am delighted to be working in this new role; I consider it a real privilege to part of such a dedicated and committed team who puts its pupils at its heart.

Hayley Worrall - Teacher of Maths

Hayley is one of our founding teachers at Prince Albert High School. She strongly believes that school should be a safe place where young people can flourish both academically and socially. Hayley is committed to working closely with others at Prince Albert High to promote an exceptionally high level of both expectation and support. She strongly values relationships with students and their families and is passionate about helping students mature into confident and determined individuals with high aspirations, proud of their identity, ability and individuality. 

Hayley achieved a First Class Honours degree in Accountancy and has a background in Senior Management prior to joining the teaching profession. Her specialist subject is Mathematics.

David Harris - Head of Music

Dave trained as a composer and performer in Cardiff and New York before beginning his teaching career in South London and Birmingham. Throughout his professional career, both as a musician and educator, Dave has always championed for Music for all. Music is the most universal art form, and all pupils have the right to participate in making and creating Music together as well as studying its language and craft at the most advanced levels. In every Music department that he has served – as a teacher and later as a leader – GCSE pass rates have improved year-on-year; and more importantly so has the musicianship of his students. Dave is passionate about musical excellence, and all pupils at Prince Albert High School will have the platform to become confident performers, creative composers, and lovers of Music.

Adam Tatton - Head of Physical Education

Adam is the Head of Physical Education at Prince Albert High School. Prior to establishing his career in education Adam has extensive experience of management in the Health and Fitness industry. He also spent two years coaching football in Chicago, USA.

Having completed his PGCE at Birmingham University, including teaching placements within Birmingham, Adam went on to teach in Stoke on Trent, whilst maintaining close ties to the City of Birmingham. Adam is a firm believer in giving students the exposure to the best sporting opportunities. He has enabled students to compete locally and nationally, whilst providing enrichment opportunities in the UK and overseas, through sports tours, ski trips and summer sporting activity programs.

As a middle leader Adam has a proven track record of driving standards academically and practically. An ethos of never standing still has fostered this culture which has a direct impact on the students he leads. Adam want students to be excited about Physical Education and what it can offer at PAHS.

Adam is a Physical Education graduate, a keen sportsman and a person who wants to provide the absolute best for the students in the community. He looks forward to the opportunity a growing a forward-thinking Physical Education department whilst forging strong links with the wider community. He is certainly relishing the opportunity building something special at PAHS.

Amy Griffiths – Teacher of History

Amy is a teacher of History at Prince Albert High School and very much looking forward to start working at such a new and innovative school. Having lived and worked in Birmingham all her life, she is familiar of the area and the issues that young people face. The importance of an outstanding education will help pupils to overcome any boundaries and allow them to go on to be valuable citizens that give back to their communities; a mantra that Amy firmly believes in.

Starting her career at Erdington Academy, Amy has worked alongside other history teachers and the humanities department to develop schemes of work, assessments and an inclusive curriculum that all pupils can relate to. Being a Learning Zone Ambassador has allowed Amy to build strong working relationships with pupils, another means of ensuring success. She has also attended CPD sessions, to ensure that she has a strong understanding of Key Stage Four topics and how best to teach this to ensure pupil success. As associate head of department, Amy is very excited to bring these skills into PA High and to also continue to develop her practice.

Megan Howes - Teacher of Geography

Megan is one of the founding members of Prince Albert High School and a specialist Geography teacher. She is passionate about equipping young people with a deep knowledge of the world around them, the ability to go beyond the limits of their personal experience and the tools with which to contribute to the greatest debates of today. She is dedicated to addressing educational disadvantage and believes that it is the role of educators to equip all students with the vocabulary, knowledge, skills and criticality to be able to tackle all social injustices head on.

Within her career so far Megan has led on a whole school literacy strategy that improved outcomes across multiple departments, significantly increased the outcomes of some of the most disadvantaged students within her current school and has significant experience teaching across multiple disciplines. Megan is a Geography graduate and has engaged in a range of community support projects both within the UK and abroad, including supporting students in a remote village in Tanzania.

Miriam Hussain - Head of English

Miriam passionately believes that every child deserves to achieve their full potential and that social inequality needs to be eradicated. She firmly believes in equipping students with qualifications of experiences and personal attributes to enable students to succeed in the next stage of their education. Miriam has been a Lead Practitioner, Head of Year and KS3 transition lead where she has successfully delivered high quality CPD which has improved outcomes for teaching and learning, the English department and literacy. She has previously been an GCSE AQA examiner multiple times alongside being the Vice Chair of Governors in a primary school in Birmingham. She has been involved with Teach First in a variety of roles such as the Leadership Development Programme, Brand Manager and as part of the Social and Communications team. She has also worked for PwC. Since starting her career in teaching she has successfully obtained both the NPQML and NPQSL qualification. She has successfully led schools in both a middle and senior leader capacity in pastoral care and academic excellence. Miriam is very passionate and encourages students to nurture their potential which enables them to develop and grow.

Sophie Frances - Teacher of Art

Sophie is the founding Art Teacher at Prince Albert High School. Sophie has served in an inner-city school for the past 6 years. Sophie is passionate about teaching Art to children of all backgrounds and abilities within the local community. She has high expectations and expects her students to have the same attitude towards their aspirations in life. She believes that every child should have the support, care, facilities and the same opportunities, no matter their postcode or start in life. Sophie specialised in Illustration & Animation at the University of Coventry, but always enjoys experimenting with new mediums. Her highlights of teaching Art are witnessing the growth of an individual; that penny dropping moment when the student believes they can and will achieve greatness. Sophie believes that Art is a visual language and can’t wait for the stories of her new students to be told.

Eloise Murphy - Teacher of Maths

Eloise is passionate about helping people to unlock their full potential with the aim of giving them the best life chances possible. She believes that teachers should strive towards creating an outstanding generation of young people and that this can be achieved through developing a deep academic understanding, whilst also providing a platform for continuous personal development. Her specialist subject is mathematics; however, Eloise also has experience within the sciences as well as performing arts. Eloise believes that self-development extends beyond the classroom and is a big advocate for extracurricular activities; she cannot wait to involve students in experiences that will not only develop them academically, but also socially. Self-improvement is important to Eloise, as she wants to continuously grow as a teacher to provide her students with the best experience possible.

Liz Thomas - Teacher of Physical Education

Liz Thomas is a PE teacher at Prince Albert High school. She lives and breathes all sport and wants to transfer her enthusiasm and experiences on to future generations. She understands the importance of fitness and the skills gained from being part of a team. Liz believes that every young person can learn a new skill from sport and enjoy being active. Liz wants to see young people that she teaches gain self-esteem and flourish in sport. 

Liz has competed in several sports teams from a young age across all competition levels and has had the opportunity to be captain for her football team. Liz has also received a Gold Duke of Edinburgh award which was presented to her at Buckingham Palace. Liz’s passion for volunteering also saw her receive the Dudley Youth Award on two occasions. Liz is passionate about helping young people and supporting them in realising their own potential.

Liz grew up in the West Midlands and studied for her degree at Birmingham City University. Liz recently graduated from The University of Worcester with a PGCE in Physical Education and looks forward to taking on her dream job as P.E Teacher at PA High.

Sharleen Johnson - Culture and Ethos Lead

I have been teaching in inner city Birmingham for over 10 years, having been born, educated and raised in the city. I am passionate about young people and I thoroughly believe every child deserves a champion and should be encouraged to unlock their potential to become the best person they can be.  I have a wealth of educational experience developed from years in the classroom and I have successfully led schools - as a middle and senior leader- alongside being a Vice Chair of Governors, at a city primary school. 

I am committed to developing children’s character and morals as well as instil in all children that they can achieve anything they set out to, irrespective of their starting points in life, and I endeavour to provide rich opportunities to allow young people to flourish.

I am excited to be part of the growth and development of students and teachers alike, at PA High and feel privileged to be involved in the journey linked to our school motto ‘In Pursuit of Excellence’. 

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