Prince Albert High is a 11-18 co-educational, non-denominational school providing an exciting, highly motivating and challenging education. The school has the highest expectations of its pupils regardless of starting point or any perceived disadvantage. Our aim is to produce well rounded, confident and responsible young people who will make a positive contribution to our society.

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National Offer Day 1st March 2021

If you applied online and provided an email address, we will email you on 1 March 2021 to inform you of the outcome of your application to PA High.

  • We cannot guarantee the exact time you will receive your email, as this will depend on your service provider. However, we anticipate that you will receive your offer email by 4pm on Monday 1 March 2021.
  • We will also send you a formal offer letter that will be posted by 1st class post on Monday 1 March 2021. Please allow at least three working days for your letter to arrive.
  • The offer letter will explain how to accept or refuse the offer that has been made.

Offer of a place at PA High

  • You will need to inform us if you wish to refuse or decline the offer that has been made, details of how to do so will be included in the formal offer letter/email. 
  • The deadline for acceptances and refusals is 15 March 2021
  • If you refuse the place that has been offered to your child by 15 March 2021, the offer will be withdrawn and may be given to a child on the waiting list for PA High

In Year Applications

Any parents who wish to make an 'In-Year application' (i.e. apply for a current Year 7 place 2021-2022) to come to the school office and collect an application form. They will then be added to the waiting list.


Parents/carers have until 29th March to submit their appeal, any appeals received after this date may not be heard until after September 2021.

Appeals are administered by Birmingham Local Authority for Prince Albert High School.

If you wish to appeal against the decision to refuse your child admission, further details can be found here on the Birmingham City Council website: School Appeals

If you have any further questions, please contact us by email

Contact Us

If you have any enquiries regarding your child’s application to PA High, please email us using the email address provided below and a member of the team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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