Our Values

Our Motto

Our motto, ‘In pursuit of excellence’ is what we practice every day. We practise this to the point of mastery. This is because we place a strong emphasis on hard work and know that there is no substitute for it. We firmly believe that hard work and not innate ability will help us reach our goals.

Our Values

Integrity - We are honest to our work, ourselves and others. We believe that there are no short cuts to success or any point in making excuses. We do the right thing because it is the right thing to do – not because we want a reward or are afraid of the sanction. We do the right thing even when others aren’t watching us as we exercise self-discipline. We pride ourselves on taking personal responsibility for our actions.

Excellence - We are a community who practise excellence at every point of the day. We have the highest expectations of ourselves and each other. We view learning to be a joyful activity and view feedback as a gift. We are proud of our identity, know that we are ambassadors of our community and strive to be better than yesterday. We believe we learn better when we learn together.

Service - We believe that to lead is to serve and service brings joy. We encourage and challenge each other to be kind and graceful in every interaction. This extends beyond our school as we build networks and grow with others. We give back to our community because we believe that education and knowledge is only of true value when it helps others.