New Accessible Minibus

This minibus might not run ‘all day long’ but it sure is accessible! With the generous support of NOW Education, Prince Albert High School has purchased a fully accessible minibus for their students. NOW Education, a specialist educational recruitment agency for primary, secondary and SEND schools across England, aims to make a positive impact beyond the classroom on everyone they interact with. With the help of NOW Education, the purchase of the new minibus will enable all students at PA High to have better access to swimming and off-site enrichment opportunities.

The funding has been integral to enabling the purchase and will significantly impact our students' educational experiences. Gary Redman, CEO of NOW Education said: “Now Education is delighted to have been in a position to support PACT with the purchase of this minibus. This will also assist children with a disability, something that I know all too well about, to enjoy all aspects of childhood. This is a particularly important and dear cause” On the purchase of the new minibus, Head of Physical Education, Adam Tatton said “The purchase of our minibus has been invaluable for our students to access a wide range of enrichment opportunities and activities outside the classroom. The bonus is the vehicle is accessible for all students at PAHS regardless of a particular need or disability.”

Staff at PA High are passionate about enabling opportunities beyond the classroom and recognise the importance of enrichment opportunities for developing physical and mental health. The minibus will be an essential tool for exploring new opportunities beyond the classroom. PACT would like to extend its gratitude to NOW Education for providing the means for all students to take part in new adventures.

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Accessible Minibus

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