The official supplier for our school uniform is Schoolwear Solutions.  

Visit https://www.schoolwearsolutions.com/our-schools/prince-albert-high-school/ to purchase uniform.

 See our full Uniform Policy.


The School uniform and dress code

All students attending Prince Albert high School will be expected to wear their school uniform including when travelling to and from school.

The uniform is as follows:

  • A charcoal-coloured blazer (this item is available with a school logo on)

  • White shirt

  • Black/dark grey trousers or skirt

  • Black shoes (trainers and boots are not permitted)

  • PA High school bag (this item is available with a school logo on)

  • PA High Tie



Jewellery and accessories Students may not wear any jewellery except for one watch (no sound effects, games or smart watches) and if they wish, one pair of stud earrings, worn in the lower ear lobe. Earrings must be removed for PE. Body piercing or tattoos Body piercing is prohibited, with the exception of single, standard ear piercing, as mentioned above. No other forms of body piercing will be allowed for any pupil. Pupils are not allowed to have tattoos of any kind on their body.


P.E Kit

All students at PA High are expected to wear the following items when participating in P.E:

  • PA High T Shirt (this item is available with a school logo on)

  • Black shorts/jogging bottoms (available from any local store)

  • Outdoor Trainers



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