Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We want our school leavers to have a strong sense of purpose and for them to understand that they can benefit from society but more importantly can be a benefit to society. We want our pupils to be responsible, articulate and successful. They will understand their rights and responsibilities as British citizens and their role in improving their neighbourhoods and communities. They will have every opportunity to develop their emotional intelligence and decision making skills. They will develop an understanding of local, national and international issues and will have an awareness and understanding of their position as global citizens. 

We have a fundamental and strongly held belief that our pupils have the potential to achieve the highest academic standards and to compete with high achieving pupils locally, nationally and internationally. Our partnership with The King Edwards Foundation and King Edwards VI Aston Grammar School in particular will ensure that our pupils are prepared academically to succeed at both GCSE and A level. We want to prepare our children for the very best job opportunities the world has to offer, to make this possible we are developing working partnerships with leading universities and businesses regionally and globally. 

The success of our primary schools is built on the relationship we enjoy with our families; based on mutual trust and an understanding that we only want the very best for our pupils. Our extensive knowledge of our pupils prior to their arrival in year 7 along with the excellent pastoral care at the school will provide the pupils with a safe and supportive environment that will enable them to succeed.

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