Prince Albert High School launches new logo

As part of our ongoing development of the newest school to be joining the PACT family, we are proud to announce the launch of our new logo for Prince Albert High School. The new logo features the newly established motto for Prince Albert High School which is 'Laudem Venari Studemus’ or ‘In Pursuit of Excellence’.  

In preparation for the opening of PA High in 2021 we wanted a logo that represented the purpose, vision and values of Prince Albert High School. Our purple and green colour scheme signifies PA High belonging to the wider PACT family.  

Discussing the ideas behind the creation of the new logo, Sajid Gulzar OBE said, "We believe that every child has immense potential, regardless of their starting point or the challenges they may face. We also believe that it is our job to help each and every child to fulfil their potential. Our motto will therefore serve as both an inspiration to our school community and to provide us all with the method for achieving our goals. If we pursue excellence in all that we do, understanding that there is no substitute to hard work then we will inevitably fulfil our potential as a school community".  

This is a really exciting time for the Trust and our communities, and we look forward to a successful 2021.  

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