Vision & Ethos

Our vision is to create an outstanding school that ensures the highest possible academic achievement for pupils who may otherwise be held back by the circumstances in which they find themselves. We are firm in the belief that our school will be one of the best in the country for providing a well-rounded broad education that fully exploits the potential of the young people that we serve through helping them to overcome the significant challenges that they may face. We will ensure that all of our pupils take full advantage of the transformational power of education.

Our already established culture of high expectations and our ethos of drawing upon our collective professionalism to create a learning community that enables every adult to make the greatest contribution possible to ensuring the success of our children; will ensure that our pupils will receive an education that is truly life changing in a way that will not only improve their life chances but those of their community.

We believe that the key to our success will be the expertise of our staff, both teaching and non-teaching. We will do whatever it takes to engage pupils and if need be, their families, with learning and the range of experiences the school will have to offer.

Our aim is to produce school leavers who have a strong sense of purpose and for them to understand that they can benefit from society but more importantly can be a benefit to society. Our pupils will be hard working, ambitious and resilient. They will understand their rights and responsibilities as British citizens and their roles in improving their neighbourhoods and communities. We will give them the social capital that will supplement their academic achievement and help them to succeed at university and beyond. They will have every opportunity to develop their emotional intelligence and decision making skills. They will develop an understanding of local, national and international issues and will have an awareness and understanding of their position as global citizens.