Our Philosophy

We believe that as educators and those responsible for building the foundations for future educational success in our children, everything that happens in our schools has to be good enough for our own children. We understand that from time to time some of our children and families experience very challenging circumstances, but we are clear in our belief that there is no excuse for underachievement and that regardless of individual situations, all of our students will fulfil their potential.

We will have an ethos of high expectations for all adults and children involved in our organisation. At Prince Albert Primary School we set incredibly high expectations for all of our pupils and staff and have successfully engendered a culture of staff going above and beyond to ensure that they are achieved. We have created an aspirant school community that is characterised by high levels of trust, rigour and responsibility in order to ensure that our pupils fully benefit from the transformational, life changing power of education. We believe that Prince Albert High School would be a continuation of this and guarantee an outstanding secondary education for our children.