Our Curriculum

At PA High we will teach an engaging, thematic curriculum containing strong core standards. A thematic approach in Key Stage 3 will ensure that our pupils will learn through memorable experiences that focus on key competencies. This approach will include a high degree of academic rigour as well as developing our pupils’ creativity and natural curiosity. 

The school will have a strong ethos of positive attitudes to learning and pupils learning to take personal responsibility for their behaviour and conduct. PA High will see a continuation of the outstanding behaviour and attitudes displayed by pupils at PACT primary schools. 

The focus on the pupils’ ability to work well both independently and cooperatively in a safe and secure environment will allow them to flourish. The engaging and exciting themes will develop their love of learning whilst the focus on key competencies will lead to both academic and personal growth. 

At Key Stage 4, we will follow a more traditional academic curriculum. High expectations and academic rigour coupled with excellent development and progress in the previous key stage will ensure that our pupils achieve the highest academic standards possible.