Welcome to Prince Albert High

Welcome to Prince Albert High, a brand new 11-19 free school which is proposed to open in Birmingham in September 2019. We are currently in the application stage and intend to submit our plans for approval to the Department for Education in September 2016.

The school will grow year on year with an initial Year 7 intake of 120, helping to address the current and accelerating need for high-quality secondary school places in Birmingham. PAHS will be co-educational, non-denominational and free to attend and will be a part of the Prince Albert Community Trust (PACT). The lead school in the PACT is Prince Albert Primary, an outstanding school in the Aston area of the city.

Prince Albert High School will provide an exciting, highly motivating and challenging education. I am passionate about having the highest expectations of our pupils regardless of starting point or any perceived disadvantage. Our aim is to produce well rounded, confident and responsible young people who will make a positive contribution to our society.

We will be working in close partnership with a number of well-established educational institutions such as the King Edwards Foundation. Thank you for your interest in Prince Albert High School.

Sajid Gulzar (CEO, Prince Albert Community Trust).